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Our institute offers a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering as an undergraduate course. The field of Computer Engineering offers highly lucrative jobs to bright students. The course in Computer Engineering is subdivided in three years S.E, T.E, B.E.

S.E(Second year of Engineering) comprises of core subjects like Applied Mathematics-III, Digital Logic Design & Application, Discrete Structure, Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming Methodology, Electrical & Electronic Fundamentals, Applied Mathematics-IV, Computer Organization & Architecture, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Theory of Computer Science, Database Management System.

T.E(Third year of Engineering) comprises of subjects which are the basic building blocks of computing and computer technology such as Computer Network, Operating System, Microprocessor, System Programming & Compiler Construction, Web Technology, Software Engineering, Distributed Database, Mobile Computing, Network Programming Language.

B.E(Fourth year of Engineering (REVISED)) comprises of subjects like Digital Signal Processing, Cryptography & System Security, Artificial Intelligence, Data Warehouse & Mining, Parallel & Distributed Systems and electives like Software Architecture, Advance Algorithms, Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.

Huge number of trained Computer Engineers in software &hardware are required in various engineering fields. Computer engineering department and its labs provide facilities in areas like Networking, Operating system, Linux, Unix, Computer Graphic Multimedia systems, Database, Information Security. The department offers all courses in sync with the existential Mumbai University syllabus courses.

Analysis of Algorithm and Graphics Laboratory - The different practicals conducted in this lab are based on concepts of data structures and files perform in Java language. There are 12 implementations using C++/JAVA based on the concepts of Analysis of Algorithms and Design. Students are expected to calculate complexities of all methods. Each implementation must consist of problem statement, Brief theory, complexity calculation and conclusion. DDA/ Bresenham's line algorithm with Circle drawing using Bresenham's or midpoint algorithm. Various 2-D transformations (various polygon filling methods like Pattern fill, Flood fill, Boundary fill). D curves and surfaces drawing like Bezier, B spline. Line clipping - Liang Barsky, Cohen- Sutherlan and one mini project.

Networking Laboratory - To train the students in network configuration and to learn about LAN connectivity and client-server applications. Installation of various servers. To simulate networking concepts using socket programming in C/Java. Study of Network Simulator like NS2 and Network Analyzer.



Database Management Laboratory - The different practical's conducted in this lab are based on SQL and PL-SQL database. Develop a mini project based of concepts of advance database concepts. Dimensional modeling and generating OLAP reports. Programming the data mining algorithms (classification, clustering and Association Mining) in Java on example data sets. Study of some Business lntelligence tool like SQL SERVER or ORACLE etc.

Software Engineering Laboratory - The various activities carried out in laboratory are listed below - To develop simple software's like text editors, payroll processing system, and student management system using C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Oracle. To develop mini projects using Rational Rose. To develop mini projects using software development tools. To develop simple web pages using HTML, Java, Java Script, J2EE, ASP and JSP. To provide practical exposure in dynamic web page Development. Shell programming for UNIX/LINUX system administration. Programs that would give good exposure to UNIX/LINUX system calls for process control, memory management and file management.


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Computer Organization of Developing Engineers (CODE) :

Inauguration of Computer Organization of Developing Engineers was done on 17th April, 2014 in the presence of our Principal Sir.

CODE is responsible for conducting various seminars and technical events for students of COMPUTER department quarterly or in every semester session. For the event, students prepare presentations, new areas of technology are discussed and staff as well as students are kept updated about new technologies.

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